Best Destinations for Scuba Diving in the World

With the passage of time, diving became one of the most preferred recreational activities of adventure seekers and sports such as snorkeling and diving acquired inspiration. Today, scuba diving has actually turned into one of the greatest undersea experiences sought by adrenaline addicts, so much so that scuba diving tourist has actually inhabited a genuine place worldwide tourism market.

Scuba Diving

World’s Best Scuba Diving Destinations

If you are preparing to go on a scuba diving holiday in the near future, here is a list of some of the very best destinations on the planet that you can think about.

The Red Sea, Egypt

One dive beneath the surface of the Egyptian Red Sea and all you can see is a huge variety of marine life all around you. This is one of the richest aquatic environments worldwide, landlocked on all the four sides by a desert, therefore, making its water a little saltier than that of other water bodies.

Bali, Indonesia

Considered to be the ‘Jewel of Indonesia’, the island of Bali is undoubtedly one of unique vacation destinations in the world. Which is definitely true when it comes to a scuba diving trip also.

The Cayman Islands

Located in the Western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory, making up 3 islands, viz. the Grand Cayman, the Cayman Brac, and the Little Cayman. All these 3 islands are world-famous diving destinations, where drivers have the tendency to flock in great deals to swim with stingrays.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Located on the Costa Rican shore, Cocos Island is an unoccupied island, other than that there is a permanent ranger station over there. The waters that surround the island are understood for their populations of big marine animals, consisting of dolphins, rays, and hammerhead sharks.

Cozumel, Mexico

Literally implying Island of the Swallows, this Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea is another world-renowned diving location. The main attractions of Cozumel for scuba divers, who flock to the island from all across the globe, are extensive communities of coral reefs.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is, without a doubt, the most iconic diving destination worldwide. With almost 3,000 individual reefs and over 350 different types of corals, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing in our world.

Half Moon Caye, Belize

If you are seeking to do a wall dive, then the Half Moon Caye is the perfect place for you. As soon as you start diving downwards, you will be interested in seeing the variety of marine life that the Caye shelters.

Palau, Micronesia

The tourism industry of Palau focuses generally on diving and snorkeling on the islands, which possess an incredibly abundant marine environment. Palau includes more than 700 coral types, over 1,500 fish types, numerous blue holes, absolutely spectacular walls, and captivating reef.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a blooming scuba diving location, which has actually come to the leading edge just recently. For scuba divers who wish to witness and experience the variety of marine life, Papua New Guinea is the area. Within the deep waters surrounding these islands, you can see everything from little fish to big whales to an expansive reef.


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